A Unique Community for Pregnant Women and New Moms

For Moms. For Babies. For Life.

We are here for YOU, mama. Whether you're pregnant for the first time or fifth; whether you have one baby or triplets; whether you have dozens of pregnant friends or zero - we are a group FOR YOU, BY YOU.

What is Mommy Friends National?

MFN is designed to be a mother’s (and a pregnant first-time mama’s) go-to community for all-things mom. MFN is not meant to replace your in-person friendships or your local support systems; it’s meant to provide access to even greater resources, knowledge, and connection.

Is there a cost to be a member?

Yes. MFN is designed to be a robust community and offer incredible access to resources and information at the simple click of your Facebook app. The membership fees we charge allow us to have full-time staff dedicated to ensuring a high level of engagement in the group, the curation of amazing content and expert speakers, and eventually will support national in-person meet ups.

What is the cost?

During our first month of launch (May 21 – June 20) we have 10 Founding Member spots available. These spots are free in exchange for the 10 first members creating a tight-knit culture and community from the outset. Each Founding Member will receive 10 VIP membership invitations to offer to their mom friends and family members who are mamas. The fee for VIP membership is $39 for the year (May 21 2019 to May 20 2020). Starting June 21st, our membership fee will increase to $99 per year.

What are the benefits to membership?

-First and foremost, community and support. Moms need a support system. We are that support system.

-Aside from the incredible sense of community and support, we provide ongoing Facebook Live speakers from across the country who are experts in anything and everything you are interested in learning about that relates to pregnancy, motherhood, and parenthood. These speakers are included in your membership and there won’t be a charge for any speakers we bring to you through our Facebook group.

-Curated articles and content that is highly relevant to our audience.

-Engagement. There’s nothing worse than joining a group and all you hear are crickets. When you become a member of MFN, you can count on us to be engaged. We will monitor the group closely to ensure a high degree of engagement and activity by members.

Want to join our group?

We have a short application process to ensure each of our members is a good fit for our group. To complete the application process, please click the link below!