Mommy & Me Activity Classes


Paint & Sing Classes

Our Paint & Sing classes are mixed age classes designed to engage the artistic and musical parts of your child's brain. This class is good for children around walking age and up.

$10 drop in (1st child)

$5 drop in (2nd child)

$45 with 5 class bundle

Free with monthly membership


Play & Sing Classes

Our Play & Sing Classes are great for infants - 18 month old toddlers who are gently mobile. Read stories, engage in fine and gross motor skill play, and meet other local families.

$10 drop in (1st child)

$5 drop in (2nd child)

$45 with 5 class bundle

Free with monthly membership


The Little Gym on the Go

The Little Gym on the Go class is a mixed age movement, dance, and play class designed to engage the body and brain of your young child. 4 month olds to 3 year olds are ideal ages for this class.

$18 drop in (1st child)

$9 drop in (2nd child)

$45 with 5 class bundle

Free with monthly membership

Music Together® at Momique™

Mixed-Age Music Classes for the Whole Family

Summer Jam Session with Miss Gen and Miss Jillian


Stuck on what to do this summer with your kiddos?! Our mini Summer Music Sessions with Miss Gen and Miss Jillian begin Monday, June 24th! You get 7 weeks of classes but only pay for 6, so no worries if you have vacation planned AND be sure to ask about our sibling rates! 🎶🎶 $90 for first child per family.

Mondays, 10am - mixed ages; 11:30am - infants under 9 months
Tuesdays, 10:30am - mixed ages; 11:30am - mixed ages
Saturdays, 9:30am - mixed ages

To register, visit or call 973.998.9966

Semester-Long Mixed Age Program

This is the essential Music Together class, one that a child can attend from birth through age five; and through all nine song collections. This basic class follows the recommendations of child development researchers grouping children of a variety of ages because this fosters natural, family-style learning. Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older children learn by leading younger ones; and adults are happy because the children in the family can go to class together. Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, or exploring musical instruments. Any caregivers,parents, grandparents, & nanny can bring the children. The whole family is welcome for this important family music experience.

10-week program starting in September!

$193 (if you are new to Music Together, there is an $18 registration fee)

To pre-register, please call 973.998.9966

JINGLE JAM - 3 Week Session **COMING WINTER 2019**

Join us for our annual 3 week mini-session filled with holiday songs, singing, dancing and instrument play. So many holiday songs for us to choose from! These classes are to get you and your family in the holiday spirit. You'll also receive a $25 credit towards the Music Together® Winter Drums Collection - all new songbook and new songs to sing! Please note: this is not a Music Together class, so no CD or songbook will be provided.

Mondays @ 10am, Tuesdays @ 10:30am, Saturdays @ 10am (starts Monday Nov 26th, Tuesday Nov 27th, and Saturday Dec 1st)

$60.00 first child. $30 second child in same family over 9 months.

Register by calling 973.998.9966 or emailing or online at (click classes)