Guidelines for selling second hand maternity clothing

We buy new and gently used items from the past 3 years!

Are you done having children or are you trying to make room in your closets? Are you trying to purge your maternity and nursing clothing stash? Bring in your new (with our without tags) or gently used items and we will buy them off of you! All items have to be from 2015 - 2018.

We accept all types of maternity and nursing clothes/gear.

We accept all types of maternity and nursing clothing and gear and we buy based on what our customers are asking for. We also tend to buy items that are one or two seasons ahead so that we have inventory that makes sense for our shoppers.

We pay standardized prices for your items.

If you're wondering what you'll make on your items we buy, our average buying price is $3.00 per item. Tanks and tees are usually less than $3.00 and jeans, dresses, and designer items are typically more.

Please wash and fold all items before coming.

We will only accept items that have been freshly laundered (if without tags) and are neatly folded in boxes or bags. Clothing must be entirely free of allergens like dust and animal hair. We only sell excellent used condition second hand maternity clothing. Quality is important.

We don't always buy items...

Based on demand of the items in our stores and current inventory levels, we may sometimes not buy items that you may have sold to us previously or vice versa. You can always call ahead to ask if we're currently buying certain things.

We have "buying days" or by appointment.

In order to best serve our customers, we regularly host "buying days" where you are welcome to come in on a first-come-first-serve basis. We also will send one of our employees to your home for an appointment should you have a large lot to sell.