Rental Space Fees

Terms and Conditions: Non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking (50%). Remaining balance is due 7 days before event. Removal of all personal items, including decor and catering items, is mandatory. You can leave everything else as-is after the event. NO NAILS, STAPLES, OR PERMANENT MEANS OF AFFIXING ITEMS TO THE WALLS OR CEILINGS ARE ALLOWABLE. The Momique staff member that is included with your booking will help with light set up and light break down and will remove trash, replace trash bags as necessary throughout the event, and will keep restrooms stocked and tidied. If an additional staff member is needed for NON FOOD SERVICE event help, a fee of $50 per hour will be imposed. If you need a FOOD SERVICE staff member, a fee of $50 per hour will be imposed. Please email or call 973.998.9966 with your event questions!