Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum In the Time of Covid

We are living in an unprecedented time where life has drastically changed for a large portion of our population. We are all facing new realities, new emotions, and new perspectives. However, a segment of our population is experiencing life in a way that only they can; pregnant women, birthing mothers, and newly-postpartum moms. These are their stories.

34 Weeks Pregnant, Fearful of Birthing Alone, but Grateful for Being One of the 'Lucky Ones'

*Name redacted for privacy.* 

I am 34 weeks pregnant with my second daughter and anticipate this to be my last pregnancy as I am 37. All along the way, I have tried to count my blessings as I have a happy marriage, an energetic 27-month-old, and a healthy pregnancy. All four grandparents, while not without various underlying issues, are generally healthy and continually supportive.

I work in the healthcare field and, ironically, my hours have been cut. I will take maternity leave three weeks earlier than anticipated. My husband is an engineer whose hours have also been halved. To think that two career paths which have always been considered stable would suddenly prove otherwise has been a bit of whiplash. We know that whatever happens, our families will come together to help one another. We will not starve, and we will have a roof over our heads.



The First Covid-Positive Birth at Morristown Hospital

*Name redacted for privacy.*

This is the story of the  first Covid-positive patient at Morristown Memorial Hospital.

On March 9th, I started to feel a cold coming on. Specifically, I had really bad post-nasal drip. At this time, I was 36 weeks pregnant. As my symptoms worsened, I called my OB and I was instructed to call my General Practitioner (GP). My GP said that she didn’t have any appointments available and to go to an urgent care to have them check my lungs and test for the flu. I did that on Thursday, March 12th. They told me my lungs were clear and I was negative for the flu. My fever was 99.2 and was told not to worry. I went home and relaxed and nothing much changed over the next few days.

By Saturday morning, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my stomach and was also noticing contractions. I called the on-call doctor. She said she was sure it was nothing but that if I thought I needed to go to the hospital then I should. But she still didn’t seem convinced that it was necessary.



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